Parallels Shared Networking/Host Only Mac IP Not Assigned

Parallels virtual machines that use Shared Network or Host-Only networking receive special IP addresses that are local to your host Mac, not your network, so that only your Mac is able to communicate to those virtual machines by IP address.

Parallels Networking

In order for your Mac to communicate with these virtual machines, it has to be assigned a special Shared Network or Host-Only IP address.

For example: My Mac has the IP address on my network, and my router is I've created a new Parallels VM using Shared Network, and it was assigned the Parallels-generated IP address of My Mac is supposed to be assigned an IP address in the 10.211.55.x subnet so that it can communicate with my Parallels VM over TCP/IP, but it IS NOT, so I am UNABLE to communicate with the virtual machine over TCP/IP.

There is a bug in Parallels 17 where this special Shared Network or Host-Only IP address is NOT assigned if Full Disk Access is not turned on for Parallels Desktop. After turning it on, Parallels will properly assign these IP addresses.

Open System Preferences and select the Security & Privacy icon, then click the Privacy icon. Scroll down in the left pane to Full Disk Access (1) and look for Parallels Desktop in the right pane (2).

  • If Parallels Desktop (2) is not checked, check it and restart Parallels Desktop.
  • If Parallels Desktop is not shown, click the + PLUS button (3) to add a new Application, then go to /Applications and select Parallels Desktop. Then restart Paralles Desktop.
  • If you are unable to make any changes to the Privacy settings, first click the lock in the lower-left corner of the window (4) to unlock the settings.

System Preferences